Manufacturer of Tents, Canopies, PVC Geomembranes Canvas Blankets Blankets, Raffia and Polytarp


Plastilon Peruanas SAC is a company dedicated to the manufacture of blankets in plastic canvas, awnings truck on raw canvas, dyed or waxed mine ventilation sleeves, waterproof canvas tent structures, sheds and so on. We import material to offer a very competitive price. We sell and install PVC geomembranes for lining of ponds, irrigation canals...



Made to order from:

  • Plastic Canvas Tents
  • Raffia covers or blankets in Polytarp
  • Truck Canvas awnings
  • Plastic Canvas Covers
  • PVC geomembranes for lining water wells and irrigation canals.
  • Mine ventilation sleeves and Tunels.
  • Protective welding screens

Tents, Blankets, Coverlets and Canopies


The full team of our company is committed to offer in every moment and in the time given product or service with guaranteed high quality at a fair price.

We are aware that a customer 100% satisfied, trust the company again and his team.

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Tents, Canopies, PVC Geomembranes and Blankets, Plastic Canvas Covers, Raffia and Polytarp
Lima - Perú